Guided Ice Climbing in the RockiesGuided Ice Climbing in the Rockies

The Canadian Rockies offers world-class ice climbing. Due to ideal conditions, a long season is possible beginning in November and lasting into April. There are many classic ice routes to choose from with single-pitch climbs to multi-pitch, 500-meter ice routes. There are many choices for all levels of ability and experience.

Most of the ice is easily accessible from Canmore and Banff. Travel time as little as 5 minutes or at most 2 hours takes you to vertical waterfall ice that is certain to thrill and awe you with its beauty and challenge.

Below you will see a list of some of my favorite routes to guide.

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Some of the Classic Ice Climbs:


Beginner (grade 2 or 3)

Rogan's Gully 

• Melt Out 

• Two O'clock Falls 

• This House of Sky 

• Lower part of Polar Circus

Coire Dubh

• Finishing Hammer Gully

• Junkyard


Intermediate ( grade 3 or 4)

•Bear Spirit Crag

•Haffner Creek 

•Professor Falls 

• Bourgeau right-hand 

• Bow Falls 

• Weeping Wall-Left Hand

• Cascade Waterfalls

• Coire Dubh Integral 


• Snivelling Gully 

• R&D 

• Lone Ranger

• The Chalice and the Spoon

• Shades of Beauty 

• Guinness Gully

• Whimper Wall 

• Kerkeslin Falls



Advance (grade 4+ to 5+ and/or Mix M5 to M8)

Haffner Creek

•Bear Spirit Crag

• Super Bock 

• The Chalice and the Blade

• Twisted

• Weeping Wall-Right Hand

• Weeping Wall-Central Pillar

• Kitty Hawk 

• Nothing but the Breast 

Louise Falls 

Red Man Soars 

 Bourgeau left-hand 

• Guinness Stout 

• The Sorcerer  

• Carlsberg Column 



• Murchison Falls  

• Mixed Master


• Malignant Mushroom


Strong Advance (Grade 6 or a very long day on ice)

• Polar Circus  

• Nemesis 

• Cascade Kronenbourg  

• Weeping Pillar 

• Whiteman Falls 

• Curtain Call








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