Rates and PaymentsRates and Payments

Rock or Alpine Climbing

Standard Rock  for 1 person (1:1) $475.00 / for two people (2:1) $600.00

Standard Alpine day  for 1 person $500.00 - $575.00/ for two people (2:1) $700.00

Sport climbing (cragging)  and instructional rates $475 for 1 person and additional $75 per person 

Half day rate is $350 for 1 person and $400 for 2 people


Full day is considered 6 to 10 hours

A long day is considered 11 or more hours

Half day is considered 4 hours


Ice Climbing rate

The minimum rate for Ice Climbing up to WI 4+ is (1:1) $475.00 and (2:1)$700.00

All climbs that are WI5 or harder start at (1:1)$525.00 and (2:1) $700.00

Guided climbs in the Ghost Valley, winter or summer, has an additional fee of $100.00 to $175.00 depending of the location.



Ski Touring/ ski Mountaineering rates

The maximum number of clients for one guide is 6 and more than 6 , there will be 2 guides.

The daily rate for one guest based out of hotels, huts, or skiing locally, is $450.00.  For an additional client, add $50.00.

The daily rate for one guest winter camping  is $500.00.  For an additional client,  add $100.00.


Cancellation policies:

Upon booking a trip, I will need a deposit of 50%.  The deposit, less 10% is refundable up to 90 days prior to trip commencement. The balance is due from 90 days of the starting date.  For cancellations within 90 days of trip commencement, there is no refund unless you can find a replacement. If Great Divide Mountaineering cancels the trip, you will receive a 100% refund. 

If the balance is less than $500.00, I will need the full amount to reserve your spot.  The refund is the same as the above.



I accept cheques , Visa or Master Card (with pay pal), E-transfer, bank wire transfer and Pay Pal to Pay Pal.   All rates are subject to 5 % GST.   

All cheques are written out to Great Divide Mountaineering.

ph: (403) 609-5580       cell: (403) 609-1074    email: marco@greatdividemountaineering.com